How do I Get Involved?

In the newly transformed OMA, improved transparency will reduce suspicion between groups and build unity among the profession. Members will be empowered to play a leading and integral role:
  • Members will ratify their PSA (except when arbitration is invoked)
  • Members will participate in an open and democratic election process
    • Members will directly elect their Board of Directors based on a detailed summary of the candidate’s qualifications and experience
    • Members will directly elect the President-Elect of the OMA based a detailed summary of the candidate’s qualifications and experience
  • Members will be engaged in helping to build OMA health policy and solutions to pressing issues
  • Members will elect their District, Section and Fora leadership
  • Members will appoint an Auditor

A New Approach to Member Engagement

This new model puts members firmly at the core of the work of the association and better positions the OMA to support members their values and their priorities.

A New Approach to Member Engagement

Addressing Member Issues

Overview of the General Assembly and Engaging Members – Video

In this video, GT20 Co-Chairs Dr. Paul Hacker and Dr. Lisa Salamon, Frank Viti and Jennifer Steele-Viti from SuccessMap and Melinda Gibson, Executive Director, Governance provide an overview of the General Assembly and Priority Setting. By using a concrete example from a member, they also highlight how member input is received today and the opportunities for enhanced engagement in the proposed new structure.

Member Rights

The Rights of OMA Members Related to Governance

A. Right to elect directors

Bylaw 12:1 Role of members

Members will have the right to vote on the election of all Directors, the President-Elect and their Constituency Group Elected Leadership.

B. Right to approve any changes to the OMA by-laws

Bylaw 14:1 Method for Revising By-laws

The updated Ontario Corporations Act states that no by-law passed under subsection (1) is effective until it has been confirmed at a general meeting of the members duly called for considering the by-law.

C. Right to call a special meeting and remove directors

Bylaw 12.3 Special Meeting of members

  • One-twentieth of members can call a general meeting of members and give notice of a special meeting of the members of the Association.
  • Members’ rights under the Ontario Corporations Act stipulates that members can remove a Director upon a 51% vote of members at a meeting called for the specific intent of removing a director s127.2(1).

D. Right to ratify the PSA

Bylaw 12:1 Role of members

Members will vote on ratification of each physician services agreement between the Association and the Ontario Government, except when arbitration is invoked.

E. Right to vote at the annual general meeting (digitally or in person)

Bylaw 12:2 Annual General Meetings

At the OMA’s Annual General Meeting, members will:

  • Review annual financial statements for the Association’s immediately preceding financial period
  • Review the Report of the Auditor
  • Reappoint the existing Auditor or appoint a new Auditor

F. Right to initiate member’s proposals

Members may put forward proposals to help support and inform the Association’s strategic and advocacy plans, as per the OMA Governance Policy Manual.

G. Right to participate in OMA governance activities that are inclusive and respectful

The OMA Core Values clearly articulates that all Delegates and members who participate in OMA governance activities will conduct themselves with civility, respect for diversity and professionalism.

H. Right to contribute to the development of the OMA health policy and solution generation

Members will have an opportunity to provide feedback about priorities through their Priority and Leadership Group Delegates. The General Assembly, with its Networks, Priority and Leadership Group, Panels, Working Groups, and the General Assembly Steering Committee, will help shape and drive health policy and solution generation for the OMA, and will provide valuable recommendations to guide Board decision-making.

I. Right to be consulted regarding changes to the OMA policy manual

Bylaw 15:1 OMA Governance Policy

The Governance and Nominating Committee will have meaningful consultation with the General Assembly before recommending amendments to the OMA Governance Policy to the Board of Directors.